Cost & Pricing

Physical Therapy Services

We believe healthcare should be: TRANSPARENT, ACCESSIBLE, AND AFFORDABLE

This is absolutely achievable WITHOUT SACRIFICING quality and service to our clients

Per-Visit in Plan of Care
(Multi-Visit, PAID IN FULL Up Front):

$120 for approx. 55 min.    (after prompt-pay discount)

What does PT cost at Origin Rehab?

Evaluation Only (Single Visit):

$150 for approx. 55 min.    (after prompt-pay discount)

Per-Visit in Plan of Care
(Multi-Visit, Pay per Visit):

$135 for approx. 55 min.    (after prompt-pay discount)

Billed to Insurance (per 15 min):

$50 each approx. 15 min increment

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Are You Ready for More Good News?

Often, insurance companies allow their customers to submit bills from out of network providers for reimbursement.  The requirement is that customers submit a superbill (a special receipt with all of the required procedure and diagnostic codes) from the provider to the insurance company.  The insurance company then may reimburse their customer or at least credit the cost to their deductible.

Superbills are provided to our clients upon request at no additional charge.

This means that our clients can choose to have us bill insurance or pay out of network rates and submit a superbill, whichever is easier and more financially beneficial.


NOTE: This DOES NOT apply to clients with Medicare.  Since Origin Rehab is a participating Medicare provider, we cannot accept cash payment for a service covered by Medicare's benefits.  

All Medicare clients receive the very same 1-on-1 excellent care and Medicare is billed directly for these services.

Why do you bill insurance differently?

We don't.  

The per-unit rate that Origin Rehab bills to insurance is consistent with regular and customary charges allowed by insurance companies. This is NOT what the insurance company ACTUALLY pays. Instead, these charges go through an approval / denial algorithm. The result is a MUCH lower payment. Because we believe that getting appropriate care should be both affordable and accessible to everyone, we pass any savings along to you.  

The additional cost and administrative burden associated with billing insurance is outlined well in the book, The Price We Pay, by Marty Makary, MD.

Which Insurance Plans Do You Accept?

The short answer:  


We participate directly with Medicare & have submitted VA applications.

We can work with all other major plans.

The more complex answer:

Origin Rehab is an In-Network provider with Medicare (and with the Veterans Administration / TriCare soon).  We are classified as Out-of-Network providers with all other payers.

For some, there is not a difference. For others, your insurance may have different requirements, co-pays, and co-insurances.

We recommend calling our office so that we can gather a bit of information and assess your individual situation.

Other Important Information:

All visits are 1-on-1.  We will not treat multiple patients at the same time because we feel care is delivered best when 100% focus is on you.  This may mean that we cannot accept some insurances. This also means that, because we guard your time and never double book, we must consistently enforce our no-show & late cancellation policy requiring payment in full for these missed appointments.

HSA and FSA payment is accepted and eligible for prompt-pay discounts