Our Rapidly Growing Physical Therapy Practice Is Looking for a Warm, Empathetic, & Organized Customer Relationship Manager to Provide an Unparalleled Client Experience

  • Are you someone who loves to be the bright spot in someone else's day?

  • Are you known for being thoughtful and going above and beyond for people?

  • Do you aim to get to know everyone you work with on a personal level?

  • Are you comfortable creating connections with strangers both in person and over the phone?

  • Are you able to display empathy to folks going through difficult times?

  • Do you have a need to stay organized in both your personal and professional lives?

  • Are you able to read between the lines and predict when someone might be unhappy before anything is said?

  • Are you someone who is constantly seeking growth opportunities and doesn't shy away from constructive feedback?

If You Answered YES to These Questions, We've Got a Great Opportunity for You...

The Details:

  • A part-time opportunity (10-15 hours weekly to start) with potential to grow into full time

  • Be an integral part of a small but rapidly growing company

  • A chance to be a part of an incredible team who is constantly learning and striving for more

  • The ability to make a real difference in people's lives every single day

  • A working environment where you will be challenged, supported, and encouraged every single day

  • Exclusive learning opportunities and continuing education events

About Origin Rehab

  • We help adults overcome chronic pain while improving mobility and strength to lead a healthy lifestyle without painkillers or surgery. 

  • We are building a culture laser-focused on improving the health of our community through expertise, innovation, and service.

  • We are a private physical therapy with an office in Mint Hill and mobile service throughout Metro Charlotte.

  • Origin Rehab was borne at a time when other businesses were closing their doors and has experienced rapid growth rooted in our commitment to serving our patients and improving the health of our community.

  • We have a client database numbering in the 100's and we're looking for a Customer Relationship Manager to add value to our service by optimizing communications with our clients across a variety of mediums and channels.

  • A virtual work setting is an option for this position.  The right candidate thrives working in a client-facing environment and has a track record of working with clients, answering questions in person and over the phone, overcoming objections based on the value provided and turning inquiries into happy clients.

  • Some evenings and Saturdays (not Sundays) will be required to meet the needs of our clients, however, we do offer a great deal of flexibility and educational opportunities.

Skills Needed for This Position

Emotional Intelligence - The ability to anticipate unstated needs and understand clients emotional states will help you to prevent drop-offs before they happen and work proactively to communicate care with all members of staff.​

Empathy - People in painful states often feel discouraged and feel doubt, especially if they've been let down by other healthcare providers.  Your job is to relate and show our clients you understand their situation and perspective so they feel confident in us as their trusted providers.

Organization - The ability to manage each client's progress and coordinate their progress and needs with the appropriate staff member.

Connection - We create relationships with our clients that are much deeper than the average "doctor/patient"  relationship.  our clients are people first and clients second which means that we. place heavy emphasis on getting to know them on a personal level and beyond the surface.


Provide a Great Customer Experience - Your #1 job is to provide an unparalleled customer experience that clients can't wait to come back to and forces them to tell all their friends about.  You will do this by caring about each and every person that walks through our doors (or whose doors we walk through), creating strong and meaningful relationships, and creating a "wow" experience with every single interaction.

Prevent No-Shows and Limit Drop-Offs or Cancellations - It is critical that clients complete their entire course of treatment.  Having a client stop after 3 sessions does not help us or them, so you'll be a critical component of helping them complete their course to achieve full recovery.  Your role is to be someone who clients can't wait to see each week.  Moreover, you'll foster trust and an open relationship through in-person communications, check-in phone calls, welcome gifts, etc.

Create Raving Fans and Lifelong Clients - Our goals is to turn every clients that works with us in to a lifelong client.

Manage the "Front Desk" and Coordinate Patient Care You will be responsible for organizing and managing the physical therapy schedule, including all necessary forms and paperwork, charts, receipts, etc.

If what you've just read sounds Refreshing, Exciting, and Challenging, we invite you to apply

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