How to Make a Next Level Ice Pack at Home

Next Level Cold Pack - Instructions
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Should I apply ice or heat? This is a question that we often hear & will definitely explore in another video. If you're wanting to find the most effective way that I've found to apply ice to a sore joint or injury (especially in those areas a traditional cold pack just doesn't sit well), though, you've come to the right place!

Ice massage is the direct application of ice to the skin (superficial cold therapy). Because of its intensity, we often don't have to apply the cold for more than 5-6 minutes to get the desired results. What kind of results, you ask? Using this kind of icing can really help to relieve pain from a more recent injury.

Ice massage is best used when the area of pain is small. A good test to see whether this may be effective for you is to see if you can use a finger to point to the area of pain. If your pain or injury is a more specific spot like this (instead of "the whole outside of my right leg," for example), try it out!

The most difficult part of using the ice massage is enduring the discomfort. The initial shock of the cold can be pretty intense. This is often followed up by a burning and/or tingling sensation. If you can make it through those two phases, numbness is the next and final stage. Important note: When you feel it go numb (you can no longer feel the cold, burning, or tingling in the effected area, STOP! More is not better and too much can do serious damage to the skin and other tissues in the area.

If the pain doesn't resolve after a couple of days or isn't headed toward getting better after a day or two, it's important to get some help. A PT can help with most injuries like this and recommend follow up treatment if it's needed. If you suspect you may have broken a bone, however, we advise going to your doctor's office or an urgent care to have it thoroughly checked out.

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